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Ancient wisdom and modern science

There are many kinds of medicine, but most medicine only eases the suffering in our bodies and minds temporarily. It doesn’t heal the source of our illness. Mindfulness, however, is a truly healing balm that can help put an end to our sense of alienation and help us heal both ourselves and our planet. If we can ground ourselves, become one with the Earth and treat her with care, she will nourish us and heal our bodies and minds. Our physical and mental sicknesses will be cured and we will have wellbeing in body and spirit.


While the energy of our thoughts, speech and actions is powerful, this energy is infinitely more powerful when we join together with others. When we come together as a group, with a common purpose and commitment to mindful action, we produce an energy of collective concentration far superior to our own individual concentration. This collective energy can lead to collective insight and to a collective awakening. Our collective compassion, mindfulness, and concentration nourishes us, but it also can help to reestablish the Earth’s equilibrium and restore balance. Together we can bring about transformation for ourselves and for the world.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Zen Master, Teacher, Author, Poet and Peace Activist

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